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What We Do

Prosper is an education technology company dedicated to reinventing how the world engages with learning.

In our first initiative, we created King’s School – a world-first virtual British boarding school for children aged 4 to 11 to learn English, creativity and critical thinking. Kings school will launch in China.

King’s School is a unique and innovative learning experience based on leading global university research. A collision of cutting edge game design, artificial intelligence, best-in-class teaching methods and proven traditional curriculum, King’s School provides an engaging, fun and academically rigorous platform for students to grow and learn.

While learning English, students will also be taught to develop resilience and critical and creative thinking skills, empowering them to meet the challenges of the 21st century and excel throughout life.

By combining the renowned Cambridge English curriculum and the Chinese National Standard English curriculum, children in China are prepared for their competitive local schools while also building a staircase towards a globally recognised certification from Cambridge English.

King’s School is hundreds of years of powerful, traditional English education redesigned for how we live now. Playing effortlessly on mobile devices and built to meet the needs of a digitally native generation.

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We Believe


We believe

We believe every child has the right to keep growing, learning, and and getting more from life each and every day.

We believe

We believe in equality and access to excellent education for all.

We believe

We believe the current education system does not meet the needs of the children of today.

We believe

We believe there is no happiness that knowledge cannot unlock.

We believe

We believe every individual has unknowable potential.

We believe

We believe in the power of positive education and of growth mindset.

We believe

We believe in harnessing the power and wisdom of the best teachers, thinkers, scientists and researchers.

We believe

We believe that if the world can learn, the world can prosper.

Our Approach to Education

King’s School pedagogy is informed by constructivist theory. Learners enjoy a range of games that enable knowledge construction through carefully crafted, meaningful, context-driven actions and opportunities for reflection. Our learner-centred approach brings more than knowledge, but life into education, fostering core social and emotional skills leading to a life-long relationship with learning.

Through the integration of data driven, artificial intelligence and gamification, King’s School provides a personalised learning journey to every student. The academic algorithm adjusts the level of difficulty in the English language content each student is learning – the level gets easier if they are struggling, or more challenging if they are progressing too quickly. As a result, the child’s learning is optimised and their potential is unlocked.

Speaking English with confidence and clarity is a key focus for King’s School. Using the latest speech recognition technology King’s School is able to create a safe environment for students to practice their English and receive real time feedback in the moment.

Our People

It’s the people at Prosper that really drive our ideas, our company, our vision. Their passion for innovation, learning and creativity is essential to the success of King’s School students.

Our people form a multicultural and cross-functional team dedicated to creating a new platform to help Chinese children learn the best English. They bring together excellence in Education and Pedagogy, Learning Design, User Experience, Game Design, Branding, Sales and Marketing and Creative Thinking.

Prosper has offices in Sydney, Beijing and London.


Do you love education and innovation? We’re always interested to hear from new creative professionals and prospective partners who want to help children achieve through education.

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