Storybooks (Level A: Sally)

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The Prosper Education™ Storybooks series teach not only English language, but also British culture, vocabulary reinforcement, growth mindset and 21st Century Skills. There are 54 storybooks in total with 9 levelled series of 6 books each. Each level has an iconic and loveable main character to guide the children through a breadth of learning opportunities and growth mindset themes that go beyond the standard English language curriculum.

The Cambridge Vocabulary and Grammar lists have been mapped to the storybooks. The number of words per book increase progressively throughout the levels, with the higher levels containing more difficult words, structures and concepts. Overall, after completing the whole series, children would have been exposed to 500 + words and 1700 sentence structures. Completion of the whole series will also ensure your child is not only ready for the Cambridge A1 Starters exam, but also able to speak at a ‘Functional Beginner’ level of English.

Key Features:

  • Narrative Summary & Key Theme pages at the beginning of each book.
  • 21st Century Skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication and perseverance are demonstrated throughout the stories through the character development and scenarios depicted through each series.
  • There are also 6 Comprehension questions per book. These questions encourage the C21 skill of critical thinking.
  • 51 important themes, including Growth Mindset concepts are interwoven throughout the books to expose children to important real life issues and life skills, so as to see learning as a positive challenge.
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Upon successful completion of this series students will read and learn about 7 vocabulary topics and be exposed to 11 sentence structures.


Vocabulary Language Themes
Numbers 1-10


 School Items

 Classroom Instructions




What is it?

It’s a [noun].
How many are there?
There are [number].

There are [number] [noun]s.

What are they?

They’re [noun]s.

Teacher Says ….
Please ….
Who’s this/that?
This is my [noun].
His / Her name’s [name].
It’s [colour].
I like [noun].I don’t like.
How old are you?
I’m [number] years old.
Happy Birthday!
Taking care of our belongings.
Counting and talking about things in the world around us.
Listening to others and following the rules.
Family relationships and talking about members of our family.
Dressing ourselves.
Celebrating birthdays.