Makes teaching English even more rewarding.

Whether you’re a specialised English language learning teacher or a generalist early learning educator, the Prosper Education™ learning ecosystem is a scalable, adaptable curriculum that will help you run smooth classroom lessons every time.

We’re offering qualified teachers a free trial so you can see for yourself how Prosper Education™ makes teaching even more rewarding.

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Prosper Education™ offers a complete product ecosystem of digital and blended learning resources for both the classroom and at home. Our flagship products RoyalABC™ Classroom and RoyalABC™ World are built with a complete British English curriculum embedded with 21st Century Skills and complete reporting for teachers and parents.

At School


RoyalABC™ makes classroom teaching simple with an intuitive teacher platform that allows you to use our pre-built lesson plans, or create a lesson plan your way in under a minute.

Through RoyalABC™ Classroom, teachers can manage their lessons, broadcast content, schedule homework, report to parents, and comprehensively deliver the RoyalABC™ blended learning curriculum to children aged 2-9 Teaching British English has never been easier, with original songs, story books, classroom games and activities, worksheets, flash cards, phonics and language practice all available from the teacher platform.

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At Home


RoyalABC™ World is an engaging 3D immersive world that connects children’s English learning in the classroom with learning at home. It offers access to hundreds of hours of learning resources plus parent reports, teaching children aged 2-9 British English through structured language learning games, stories, and songs.

Children learn British English and culture in the app using a combination of the globally respected Cambridge English curriculum and Growth Mindset methodology. Learning Growth Mindset techniques have been comprehensively proven to improve children’s resilience, increase their test scores, and deliver lifelong economic benefits. Growth Mindset is the backbone of the Prosper Education™ educational offering, helping students learn British English and excel at life and language.

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